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Ridiculous Writers - Creative Writing Contest Resource

Ridiculous Writers - Creative Writing Contest

Elementary Students (Ideal for 6-13 year-olds)

Your students are invited to become ridiculous writers! Lots of inspiration to create crazy combos to inspire a mini saga (a story told in up to 100 words). Your classroom will be bursting with fun, laughter and amazing stories!

The Glitch - Creative Writing Contest

Middle & High Students (Ideal for 10-18 year-olds)

A sudden shift, a twist of fate, and bam! Everything changes!

Let imaginations run wild and create confident writers as your students consider the consequences of The Glitch. What happens when an ordinary day turns extraordinary? What are the effects on the world if one thing is changed forever? What thrilling or terrifying outcomes are unleashed if one mishap alters reality? We can't wait to find out...

The Glitch - Creative Writing Contest Resource

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