Upload School Entries

If you're not entering via your school, please use the upload form here!

If you'd like to upload your school's work, simply complete your details below, then attach and submit your entries.

Teachers, you can upload 30 documents at a time using this form. If you have more than 30, you can submit multiple times or put your entries in one file and convert it to a PDF, or you can use wetransfer.com to send your files.

Before you upload your students' work, please ensure their name, surname and age are included on their work.

You can upload work as a Word doc, Word docx, rtf, PDF, odt, wps, TXT, jpg or png file. For all other file types, please email them to us at [email protected]

Once your files have successfully uploaded, a message will appear on screen to confirm this. You will have the option to email or print this, should you wish to.

If you are unsure what to include in a certain field on the form, please click on the ? button for further information to assist you.