Crazy Creatures

Congratulations to our Crazy Creature contest student and school winners. We’ve loved reading all of your stories about your crazy creatures!

We're delighted to announce our student and school winners...

1st Place Student

Winner of an iPad and the Young Writers’ Student Award of Excellence

Zoe Frith (10) from P.S. 9 Sara Anderson School, NY whose mini saga 'The Flight Of The Rainbow Phoenix' was our favourite piece! Zoe's mini saga was published in Crazy Creatures 2019 - New York & New Jersey.

The Flight Of The Rainbow Phoenix

Phoenix winced as she stretched her hurt wing, folding it cautiously against her brilliantly undulating rainbow fur. Her flight was cut short after she flew into a craggy peak, the dense clouds blocking what would've been easily avoidable. It was unnatural for her kind to be grounded. A beautiful elf appeared before Phoenix, her flowing hair wispy and colorful. "You mustn't be burdened with a life on the ground," she murmured, her voice like fresh snow. The elf kissed Phoenix's injured wing and the pain disappeared. Phoenix launched herself into the sky, roaring joyously. She was back in flight!

© Zoe Frith 2019

Student Runners-Up

Winning a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Grace Buzzell (13) from Lima Christian School, NY whose mini saga 'Sayphius’ Escape' was published in Crazy Creatures 2019 - New York Tales.

Sayphius' Escape

As Sayphius stood on the lab roof beside a trapdoor, he stared outside and craved freedom. Suddenly, he heard shouting coming from the trapdoor. They're coming! he thought to himself. He knew he was going to have to jump but he wasn't sure his untested, feathery wings would work. The scientists were getting closer and it sounded like they weren't alone. He knew then that even with his rock-hard scales and shark talons, he wouldn't make it if they caught up. "Here we go..." he murmured aloud. He jumped, soaring into the night and felt freedom for the first time.

© Grace Buzzell 2019

Winning a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Melanie Kratz (13) from Holy Sepulcher School, PA whose mini saga 'Irkel And The Soup' was published in Crazy Creatures 2019 - Stories From Pennsylvania.

Irkel And The Soup

Irkel was a demon who scared children for he found them rather irksome. He would often wait in a school's drain for children to come along to get rid of their excess food. Then, a little girl walked over and peered down the drain. She saw him lurking there and poked him while giggling. Then, she offered Irkel her soup. He gently took the bowl with one of his tentacles and the spoon in another. It's delicious! he thought, then made a big smile and the little girl giggled. Perhaps, Irkel thought to himself, children aren't so bad after all...

© Melanie Kratz 2019

Winning a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Giuliana Zuckerman (8) from St Luke School, NY whose mini saga 'The Story Of Charlie The Snake' was published in Crazy Creatures 2019 - New York Tales.

The Story Of Charlie The Snake

Once, there was a scary snake named Charlie. His fangs dripped blue blood. Everybody was scared of him because he ate creatures. He lived on Planet Flar. To eat creatures, he started a club called Crazy Creature Club. Lots of monsters who didn't know he ate creatures joined the club. Charlie welcomed everyone with an evil grin on his face. He laughed sinisterly as he shut the door firmly. He walked close to every monster while he ate them. None of the creatures were seen after that day. Charlie's teeth dripped blue blood forever after he ate all those monsters.

© Giuliana Zuckerman 2019

1st Place School Winner

Winner of the Young Writers’ Award of Excellence

Fishers Island Central School, NY, has been chosen as the school who submitted the best set of entries overall. Their Students have been published in Crazy Creatures 2019 - New York - huge congratulations!

The Young Writers’ Student Award of Excellence trophy
The Young Writers’ Award of Excellence trophy

We'd like to thank all the teachers and students who took part, we've loved reading your crazy creatures mini sagas!