Peculiar Pets

Congratulations to our Peculiar Pets poetry contest winners!



1st Place
Winner of the Young Writers' Award of Excellence

St. Columban School, OH

has been chosen as the school that submitted the best set of entries overall in the contest. 47 of their students have been published in "Peculiar Pets - Pawsome Poems" - huge congratulations!



Peculiar Pets Prizes

Each student has won a creative writing goody bag. Here are their winning words...

Natalie Paige Conner (11)
Independent Entrant, PA

Published in "Peculiar Pets - US Poets"

Gizmo The Cat

Gizmo is a fantastic feline who lives with me in the town of Pawtucket.
His head overflows with so many ideas that he really needs a bucket.

You will never witness Gizmo taking a cat nap.
As he is always looking to build a better mousetrap.

His brain is so big you see, but he's an inventor by heart.
Gizmo's glorious gadgets are mouseterpieces, true works of art.

Gizmo's genius led him to develop the first CAT scan.
Determined to help others was the only part of his plan.

His next great success admired by all was a smartphone iCAT app.
It allows meaningless human words to be translated to cat with just a tap.

Gizmo's automatic brushing machine works great on knotted fur.
The time and money it saves on grooming makes both cats and people purr.

His DJ scratching deck was so cool and brand new.
As fresh beats were created, Gizmo wanted one too.

Gizmo's gadgets aren't actually real, I'm just kitten.
But it's what makes him odd that has me so smitten.

© Natalie Paige Conner

Lila Drowos (10)
Independent Entrant, FL

Published in "Peculiar Pets - US Poets"

My Perfect Vegetarian Shark

A fear of sharks is universal,
Sharks don't get a kindness rehearsal.
They have no manners,
And they aren't polite,
Which is why I'm here to say tonight,

They don't know just what to say,
And they try to eat their prey,
So you'll be surprised when I say,
That I have a perfect pet shark.

The perfect pet is a shark because,
They're interesting and don't shed any fuzz,
They swim around without a fuss,
And now my shark is one of us!

But sharks are very dangerous,
They have sharp teeth, have you seen 'Jaws'?
Everyone thinks I'm crazy!
And that's why people run from me.

But he only eats plants,
And does a little dance,
For he is a vegetarian!

We swim around in the pool all day,
We swim around and we play,
He lives in a tank on my living room floor,
He makes all of my guests want to walk out the door,
But he's so cool and super funny,
So vegetarian sharks are the perfect pet for me!

© Lila Drowos

Felix Fuentes Agosto (10)
Mary Cariola Children's Center, NY

Published in "Peculiar Pets - US Verse"

Big Blue

I have a big blue dog, his name is Blue.
He follows me and does whatever I do!
Although he may seem sweet and mild,
We sing together, songs that are wild!
He plays the harmonica while I play the kazoo.
The beats get crazy because that's what we like to do.
We have many adoring fans,
They come to dance and sing with our two-man band!
We are extraordinary friends who sing and laugh
I especially laugh when he takes off out of his bath!
My friend, Blue and I, we are good friends,
We'll sing and play together until the day ends.

© Felix Fuentes Agosto

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