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The unthinkable has happened...

A catastrophe so epic it has almost eliminated the entire human race. There are just a few survivors ... will they rebuild civilisation or succumb to Mother Nature, just like-all the others?

Survival Sagas challenges your students to write a mini saga, a story in just 100 words, to tell us how the world ended or introduce us to their post-apocalyptic vision. What catastrophe wreaked this havoc? Why? How?

Students can interpret the theme as they wish, as we love to encourage creativity and originality! From destruction and survival to new beginnings and redemption.

Where will Survival Sagas: Mission Catastrophe take your students' imaginations..?

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Mission Catastrophe Mission Catastrophe


  • Only one entry per student, there is no limit to the number of entries per school

  • Independent entrants are welcome, please provide your full postal address rather than the school's details

  • Stories can be on the entry form or A4 sheet of paper

  • Stories must be your students' own work

  • Ensure that all student include their name and age on their entries



For Schools

The school who submits the best set of entries will win the Young Writers’ Award of Excellence

For students

The best writer will win an Apple iPad and a trophy!

3 X Runners-up will each win a $50 Amazon gift card!

Bookmark for every entrant!

Award of Excellence Prize Mission Catastrophe
Mission Catastrophe

How To Enter

  • Ask students to write their mini saga, ensuring their name, last name and age are included on the entry form. Alternatively, entries can be typed and submitted by upload or email.

  • If you are in need of more entry forms, please go to Downloads / Resources Request

  • Send your entries, along with your school entry form, to:
    Young Writers MS
    Mission Catastrophe
    77 Walnut Street
    Unit 11
    Peabody, MA 01960

  • Alternatively, you can upload work to Online Entries



To download the contest pack, including Full Contest Information, Student Entry Forms, Lesson Plans, and more…please fill in the form below.


Resources Downloads

Teacher Folder
Lesson Plan
Story Starters
Student Entry Form
School Entry Form
Full Contest Pack
PowerPoint Presentation
PowerPoint Presentation PDF

Submit Entries

Ask each student to write their mini saga. Type or scan their work, then do one of the following:

Or mail them to:

Young Writers
Mission Catastrophe
77 Walnut Street
Unit 11
Peabody, MA 01960