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Extended Deadline - CONTEST NOW CLOSED

Crazy Creatures is a fun way to engage students with creative writing by challenging them to write a story in just 100 words! Your students are invited to create a crazy creature and write a mini saga inspired by their creations.

Let students’ imaginations take them on a fantastic adventure!

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Crazy Creatures


  • Only one entry per student

  • Each student needs to create a crazy creature and write a mini saga inspired by it

  • A mini saga is a story written in up to 100 words, and must have a beginning, middle and an end

  • Ensure that all students include their name, surname and age on the student entry form

Extended Deadline - CONTEST NOW CLOSED


For Schools

The school who submits the best set of entries will win the Young Writers’ Award of Excellence

For students

The best writer will win an iPad and a trophy!

Bookmark for every entrant!

Award of Excellence Prize
Crazy Creatures

How To Enter

  • Ask students to write their mini saga, ensuring their name, surname and age are included on the entry form. Alternatively, entries can be typed and submitted up upload or email.

  • If you are in need of more entry forms, please go to Downloads / Resources Request

  • Send your entries, along with your school entry form, to:
    Young Writers
    Crazy Creatures
    100 Condor Street
    Boston MA 02128

  • Alternatively, you can upload work to Online Entries

Extended Deadline - CONTEST NOW CLOSED


To download the contest pack, including Full Contest Information, Student Entry Forms, Lesson Plans, and more… please fill in the form below.


Writing Tips

Tip #1

Ask your students what their favorite stories are and why… What is it about the story that makes it really enjoyable? Is it funny or does it have brilliant atmosphere and suspense? Perhaps the characters are endearing or the story has a fast pace that leaves them excited to know what will happen next…

 Can they write a story like this?

 Ask them to write down their favorite part of the story in no more than 20 words. Now show them the Crazy Creatures video to introduce the activity to them…

 Now, can your students build their crazy creature’s story around their favorite story plot?

 For example, Paul Bunyan (and his blue ox!) could now be an alien called Qula from Jupiter who chops down trees with its axe-like tentacles!

 There’s lots of fun to be had! We can’t wait to see what inspires your students!

Tip #2

Ask students to create their creature as a 3D model! They can make it out of anything they like! Here are some ideas…

  • Play dough
  • Hama Beads
  • Clay
  • Junk modelling
  • Papier mâché

Once the model is ready, why not ask students to role play a story out in groups? This will lead to lots of ideas and once you ask students to put pen to paper they’ll be writing like there’s no tomorrow!

Tip #3

Planning a story and keeping the plot on track so the story has a beginning, middle and end is so important – spending lots of time writing an amazing story with lots of detail and adventure is all very well and good, but if it doesn’t make sense it’s disappointing for both the writer and the readers.

Ask students to utilise their knowledge of story planning before filling in the planning sheet:

  • The opening – introduce the setting and character(s) – could even start with ‘Once Upon a Time’
  • Build the story up – what event happens to keep the reader wanting to know more?
  • What problem or dilemma happens and how will the writer find a solution?
  • Resolution – how is the problem solved?
  • The ending – do they all live happily ever after? Is it a cliffhanger ending? Or something else…

Once students have checked to ensure their plot draft has a beginning, a middle and an end they can then crack on with writing their fantastic mini saga!

Tip #4

Ask students to give their crazy creature one super power – that’s a tough choice, but what will they choose and why?

The ‘why’ is important as it will be part of their plot, how they integrate it is up to them… their creature could discover their power, use it to fight crime or an arch-enemy, save their creature’s world or even cause trouble…

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Submit Entries

Ask each student to write their mini saga. Type or scan their work, then do one of the following:

Or mail them to:

Young Writers
Crazy Creatures
100 Condor Street
Boston MA 02128

Extended Deadline - CONTEST NOW CLOSED