Color Poetry Writing Activity


Color Poetry is a poem to express your feelings about a color. You use analogies, similes and nouns which remind you of the color you’ve chosen to write about. This is an easy type of poem to write, but the trick is to be really creative with your words to get the reader thinking about the color you are describing in a new way!


You will need a blank piece of paper to write down your associations with the color you have chosen.

Imagine what it tastes, feels, sounds and looks like, to help describe the color and make the poem descriptive.

Consider any poetic techniques you may want to use in your poem, such as similes, metaphors and imagery.

You are now ready to write your own Color Poem!


White is a fresh start, a clean slate
It is the silence of an empty room where you have to wait
It’s a dove, pure and light, flying free
But it can also be bleak, cold and lonely
It tastes of rice and marshmallows, has the texture of books
Like Jack Frost sprinkling diamonds on the floor is how it looks
It feels like cotton wool and the brush of a feather
And smells like clothes fresh and soft from the tumble dryer
It sounds like the crunch of fallen snow underfoot
And the howl of a wolf in the deep dark woods
White is a blank page of possibility and the unknown
It is the future not yet written and the seeds not yet sown.

Your Turn

If you'd like your work to be considered for publication in a future book, please email your entry to [email protected] along with your name, age and address.

Happy writing!