COVID-19 Update

Due to schools closing across the USA, we will be suspending announcing contest results and shipping orders to schools with immediate effect (from 8am Thursday March 19, 2020).

Our contests are still open and have been extended to April 30, 2020. Resources can be downloaded and entries can be uploaded or emailed to [email protected].

Young Writers USA Packed Pallets

Please note, we produce the books in England (UK) and they are still being printed, packed and are ready to ship as soon as flights are able to take non-essential freight.

Your order will then be shipped to our Boston address and held ready to ship to schools as soon as they are open.

If you have paid for home delivery, you will receive your order as soon as we can get the book over to the USA – we'll keep you informed. At this time, we are unable to change delivery addresses of orders that have already been packaged to send Stateside - please accept our apologies.

As we currently now have skeleton staff in the office, please bear with us as we are answering emails and packing books as fast as we can, trying to keep our service levels as 'normal' as possible for you.

We won't be taking Direct Message queries on social media and our phones are off as the Customer Care team are working remotely. You can still email us at [email protected] with your enquiries and we'll answer them as soon as we possibly can.

These are unprecedented times and we are following the UK government's advice daily, as well as monitoring the US' federal government notices and keeping in touch with our Boston Young Writers colleagues. As much as it can be, we are working 'business as usual'.

From us all here at Young Writers, thank you for your patience and understanding. We'll keep our website and social media updated as and when things change. Stay safe.