A Wander In The Woods

Congratulations to our A Wander In The Woods contest winners!



1st Place
Winner of the Young Writers' Award of Excellence

Eden Hall Upper Elementary, PA

has been chosen as the school that submitted the best set of entries overall in the contest. 45 of their students have been published in "A Wander In The Woods - Tales Of Adventure" - huge congratulations!



A Wander In The Woods Prizes

Each student has won an awesome Young Writers' creative writing goody bag, including a trophy. Here are their winning words...

Kate Bilal (11)
Meadow Elementary School, CA

Published in "A Wander In The Woods - Legends From The USA"

Dyani's Deer

Dyani stared into the doe's glistening eyes. Dyani had tried every day to gain the deer's trust. She was so close.

Suddenly, Dyani saw bright red flames dancing, rapidly consuming her village and racing towards her and the doe. The deer flicked Dyani onto its back and dashed towards the end of the woods.

After an hour of panicked fleeing, Dyani and the deer had arrived in an empty dirt field where they fell asleep. Dyani awoke to her father's voice and his soothing embrace.

A year later, the village was rebuilt and the tribe's official animal became a deer.

© Kate Bilal

Alicyn Sherle (10)
Salisbury-Elk Lick Elementary School, PA

Published in "A Wander In The Woods - US Fiction"

The Fairy

Alyssa, the mushroom fairy, was gathering berries before the snowstorm. She wanted to have some extra just in case. All of a sudden, the snow started falling really fast. She pulled her wing protectors out of her backpack and put them on. While struggling to fly home, she spotted Carolina the fox all curled up and shaking by a log. Alyssa asked what was wrong. Carolina couldn't see through the heavy snow so Alyssa said, "Just look up and follow my light and I will get you home." Carolina followed Alyssa's light and Alyssa got her home safe and sound.

© Alicyn Sherle

Owen Hayes (7)
Benjamin Rush Elementary School, PA

Published in "A Wander In The Woods - Across The USA"

Rain And Storm

No one likes the rain. Especially the kids. They come anyway. Small raindrops are falling on all the kids. The kids say, "It's just little raindrops, we can still play." And then the storm comes and everyone has to go inside. When everyone is inside, they all say, "Go away rain!" The storm growls! The clouds get darker. The storm flashes! It's lightning! Then a burst of light shines out through the sky. The stormclouds pass by. Then the sun comes out and everyone goes outside and plays again!

© Owen Hayes

Mia Lysongtseng (12)
Yav Pem Suab Academy, CA

Published in "A Wander In The Woods - Fiction From The USA"

Comforted By The Night

I stood behind a tall deciduous tree, glancing at the crescent moon. I sat down in the dry dirt and looked at the motionless stars in the dark sky. I admired the moon and the stars for their freedom. I closed my eyes, feeling safe by the presence of the fireflies that darted by. A grouping of deer scurried through the trees. I brought my knees to my chest and looked up. I looked up at the moon, meticulously admiring it in the stillness of the night. I smiled slightly at the radiant moon one last time before sleeping.

© Mia Lysongtseng

Lucy Anderson (10)
Washington Oak Elementary School, RI

Published in "A Wander In The Woods - US Legends"

Wandering In The Woods

In the silence of the woods, a baby fox weaves quietly through the trees. She takes in the peacefulness of this beautiful scene. It is so unlike her crowded den. Here, the moonlight shines like the sun on a circle of silver. The beauty is overwhelming, but the brave pup continues on. Shortly after, she sees a chipmunk. After chasing it, she moves on. Suddenly, the pup stops immediately. Standing right in front of her is a wolf! She turns around, running at top speed until she reaches her den. Exploring is fun, but she prefers a safe, loving family.

© Lucy Anderson

Mitchell Pertsev (6)
Big Apple Academy - Elementary School, NY

Published in "A Wander In The Woods - Tales From The USA"

Talking Flu

Once upon a time, there was a dog, snake, and cat. One day, they went for a wander in the woods. They saw a sick tree and caught the flu from it.

Then Doctor Albert Einstein came and brought them medicine called Medesen. After taking the Medesen, they felt better and started to talk!

The cat said, "Purrfect!"

The snake said, "Sssooo much better."

The dog said, "I was feeling ruff but not anymore!"

They were happy. They played hide-and-seek. The snake hid in rocks, the cat in trees, and the dog searched for them and found them.

© Mitchell Pertsev

Sarah Zhou (11)
Independent Entry, CA

Published in "A Wander In The Woods - US Stories"

A Wander In The Woods

Once upon a time, there was a girl warrior named Alina. She was on an expedition searching for a hidden gem that would protect her village. It lay in the middle of a dangerous forest. On the way, she fearlessly fought hairy beasts, subdued ferocious dragons, and dodged flesh-eating plants. Finally, with the gem in sight, there was a manticore. Its roar vibrated the forest. But with her ability to tame animals, Alina turned the monster into a harmless creature. Riding on the manticore with the gem in her hand, Alina flew back home, ready to defend her people!

© Sarah Zhou

Samantha Hulliger (11)
Independent Entry, MD

Published in "A Wander In The Woods - US Stories"

A Wander Through The Woods

As Sarah let go of her mother's hand, she noticed the beautiful flowers in the forest in her backyard. She ran toward the flowers giggling as she was playing with the pixies who emerged from the lavenders surrounding the clearing. One pixie whispered in her ear, "Care to dance with us?" Her mother told her never to dance with 'strangers', so that is what Sarah told them.

"Aw, aren't we your friends?"

Sarah felt guilt wash over her.

As she danced with the pixies, they dragged her tired body into the ground...

© Samantha Hulliger

Saroop Kahlon (10)
EA Young Academy, TX

Published in "A Wander In The Woods - US Legends"

Mirror, Mirror

It was a stormy night. Rain poured down my back. Lightning flashed before my eyes. Thunderous noises frightened me as I walked in a new place in the woods. I walked for what seemed like days until I found a castle on a hill. I climbed the hill, passing wilted flowers and leaves. I opened the door to the castle and found a hideous staircase. I climbed up, trying not to make it creak. I found a witch chanting a spell to her cauldron. Inside of it, a green liquid was bubbling. "Mirror, mirror," she chanted, "destroy that little girl!"

© Saroop Kahlon

Emma English (9)
Oxford Preparatory Academy - Saddleback Valley, CA

Published in "A Wander In The Woods - US Authors"


"Can we play Frisbee?" my brother Braklend shouted.

"Sure!" Mom called from our campsite as we raced off.

Braklend threw the Frisbee into a bush. "I'll get it!" I yelled. I ran behind the bush and fell into a beautiful rainbow!

When I opened my eyes, I was in an enchanted forest! Sunlight streamed through the branches. Fairies darted around stunning unicorns. A fairy zipped over and said, "Welcome to Magicwood! Unfortunately, humans aren't allowed here. Please board our magic rainbow."

I sat on the rainbow and instantly fell on the Frisbee back at camp. "I've got it!" I shouted.

© Emma English

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