Congratulations to our Spiner-Chillers Contest Winners!

We're delighted to announce our student and school winner...

1st Place Student

Winner of an iPad and the Young Writers’ Student Award of Excellence

Daniel Blake from Mount Ararat High School, Topsham, ME whose mini saga 'Where Ichabods Sleep' was our favourite piece! Daniel's mini saga was published in Spine-Chillers - Tales From Maine.

Where Ichabods Sleep

Ichabod's name never brought him luck. Neither did autumn. The wind danced around the forest path he walked, outlined by fallen leaves. The trees whispered stories; stories of past Ichabods, stories of this night, stories of those who forever slept in their forest. As the trees droned on, his sight blurred until he saw corpses hanging from their branches. When the stories became lullabies, his eyes drooped. He never noticed the root wrapping around his leg. By the time he was in the air, he was asleep. He didn't even hear the voice shush the trees, and he never would.

© Daniel Blake, 2017

1st Place School Winner

Winner of the Young Writers’ Award of Excellence

Lowell Catholic High School, Lowell MA has been chosen as the school who submitted the best set of entries overall. 37 of their students have been published in Spine-Chillers - USA Legends - huge congratulations!

The Young Writers’ Student Award of Excellence trophy
The Young Writers’ Award of Excellence trophy

We'd like to thank all the teachers and students who took part, we've loved reading your spine-chilling mini sagas!