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School Winner

Winning $250 and the Young Writers’ Award of Excellence

PS MS 114 Belle Harbour School, NY
has been chosen as the school who submitted the best set of entries overall

Students published in: Poetry Wonderland – New York Poets

1st Place Student Winner

Winner of an Apple iPad

Ines Gonzalez Del Castillo Morfin (12) from Mitchell Intermediate School, TX

Published in: Poetry Wonderland - Sparks of Imagination


Crickets chirp all around me
The tall grass slowly dances
As the wind blows lightly
The stars glimmer in the dark night's sky
I lie there absorbing the beauty of the night
Inside the telescope, planets revolve
The stars seem to draw their own paintings
Lions, horses, and unicorns paint the sky
A shooting star soars through the night
Quick, make a wish!
A wash of comets fall down
Like glitter thrown into the air
Fireflies start to dance in the air
Their lights flicker gracefully on, off, on, off
Like a show of lights.
Wolves howl at the moon
As if they are enraged
The moon sits high in the sky
Listening to the argument
The moon wins
Slowly, the howls start to disappear.
The hours pass, staring into the sky
The insects fall into silence
The stars slowly start to fall from the sky
My eyes start to flicker closed
Silence fills the night.

© Ines Gonzalez Del Castillo Morfin 2019

Runner-Up Winner

Winner of a $50 Amazon Voucher

Stephen Landolphi (8) from St Joseph School, CT

Published in: Poetry Wonderland - Tri-State Poets

My Octopus Cat

I came home from school,
And there was nothing to do.
Mom said, "Let's make popcorn,
Enough for me and you!"
I heard the corn popping,
It made a wonderful sound.
I ate so much of it,
My stomach looked round!
I played with the popcorn,
It was looking like a fish.
And when I moved it around,
There was an octopus on my dish!
I put on two blue button eyes,
And a red licorice smile.
My cat jumped on the table,
And watched for a while.
I got so tired,
I had to go to bed.
But, when I was sleeping,
I heard a crunching noise in my head.
I got up the next morning,
There was a scary sight.
My octopus was missing,
And my cat did not look right!
The weird thing about it,
She was acting like a fish.
She was blowing bubbles,
And trying to swim in her dish.
She jumped into the bathtub,
And gave a big burp.
She had eaten my popcorn octopus,
In one giant slurp!

© Stephen Landolphi 2019