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School Winner

Winning $250 and the Young Writers' Award of Excellence

Flowery Branch High School, GA
has been chosen as the school who submitted the best set of entries overall

Students published in: Poetry Escape – Inner Voices

1st Place Student Winner

Winner of an Apple iPad

Brooklyn Oestreich (13) from Columbia Middle School, IL

Published in: Poetry Escape – Inner Voices

Stronger Than Ever

Your words are works of art
Cruel blades that stab me
Through my heart
Your harsh lines form a cage
From within, I must obey
I'm broken, torn
Fallen from grace
You bound my spirit
With tarnished lace
But now, I see through
Your charming haze
To the darkness hidden
Behind your gaze
My daisy petals turn to spikes
To protect me from your gaze
My rays of sunshine melt away
Replaced by twisted ice
I cannot let you ruin my life
My soul is on fire
My heart's ablaze
I'm finally ready to end
These endless days
I slam the door and burn the key
Escaping your tower of cold misery
You wear your cruelty like a jagged crown
I was once lost, but now, I am found
I was fueled by fire
And forged in metal
I am loved now
And stronger than ever.

© Brooklyn Oestreich 2019

Runner-Up Winner

Winner of a $50 Amazon Voucher

Molly Grace Chakery (13) from Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy, TX

Published in: Poetry Escape - Inner Voices

You Wouldn’t Understand

"You wouldn't understand,"
I was told after sitting through
Hours and hours of school
Facts crammed inside my head
Like values in society
That, "You wouldn't understand."
What don't I understand?
I swore I understood
That my school was a target
A target of a cultural epidemic
A target of violence
That, "You wouldn't understand."
Why wouldn't I understand
That, at thirteen, my death
Was nothing more than a statistic
To politicians and law-makers
A political agenda
That, "You wouldn't understand."
Why can't you understand
That my activism is not 'just a hobby'
As bullets ricochet over my dead body
My last words might be, "Shots fired!"
But all you've fired is, "Thoughts and prayers."
That, "You wouldn't understand."
When will you understand
That you've treated a symptom
Of a disease as if the symptom
Was the disease itself
Like my mental health
That, "You wouldn't understand."
Why don't you understand
That I'm willing to take a stand,
But I guess I'm too young to understand
The hatred that coats society
Like gloss on a bullet
Or blood on a body
That, "You wouldn't understand."
I know you understand
That, with age comes knowledge
But with youth should also come
Innocence and I only knew the word
'Innocent' because it was shouted
Over my student body
"They're innocent!"
That, "You wouldn't understand."
"You'll never understand!"
Yelled the terrorist that shot
Through my best friend's body
"You wouldn't understand!"
The metal detectors and
Clear backpacks as if they were
Effectors of a million-dollar depression brand
That, "You wouldn't understand."
What can I understand?
What don't I understand?

© Molly Grace Chakery 2019