Once Upon A Dream


We're delighted to announce our student and school winners...

1st Place Student

Winner of an iPad and the Young Writers’ Student Award of Excellence

Isabel Lombardi (12)

from St Michael School, OH whose poem "I Dream Of A World" was our favorite poem!
Isabel's poem was published in "Once Upon A Dream 2020 - The Poet Within".

I Dream Of A World

I dream of a world where people can see
The things that they love - the person they want to be.
I dream of a world that's full of kindness and love
Where all are treated equally from the ground and above.
Where people give helping hands instead of mean glares,
Where all that we have, we are willing to share.
Where instead of people seeing only black and white,
They see the World of Color, the one I dream of at night.
When God's children go to sleep, I dream they all have beds,
Instead of broken families, they have love around their heads.
Where hungry bellies disappear, and minds are clear of hate,
Where happiness is all we need, and it is everyone's fate.
I dream of a world where everything is clear,
Where every voice is loud for all to hear.
I dream of a world where the sun hangs in the sky,
Where you can hear the birds all around fly.
This is what I want, what I ask for every night,
One day, I wish, my dream, just maybe, maybe will take flight.

Isabel Lombardi © 2020

Student Runner-Up

Winner of a $50 Amazon gift card

Dahlia Lieb (11)

from PS 130 Parkside Upper Elementary School, NY whose poem "What Do You Believe In?" has been chosen as the runner-up!
Dahlia's poem was published in "Once Upon A Dream 2020 - Inside The Mind".

What Do You Believe In?

Someone, my friend I guess, asked,
"Do you believe in God?"
I simply shrugged.
But again she asked,
"Then what do you believe in?"
I said nothing, but I thought about what I believe in,
I believe in love, long walks and mismatched socks.
Family, friends, road bends.
An education, crying, flying.
Flying with the wind, to your goals, with all your holes.
No matter how brave you may be,
Or if you only have the courage to say hello to me.
I'll believe in you, I hope you will too.

Dahlia Lieb © 2020

1st Place School Winner

Winner of the Young Writers' Award of Excellence

Lafayette Mills Elementary School, NJ

has been chosen as the school who submitted the best set of entries overall.
17 of their students have been published in "Once Upon A Dream 2020 – Everlasting Ink" - huge congratulations!

The Young Writers’ Award of Excellence trophy

The Young Writers’ Award of Excellence trophy

We'd like to thank all the teachers and students who took part, we've loved reading your Once Upon A Dream poems!