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Twisted Tales

Middle & High Years

Inspire your students to get writing today with this exciting theme...

Twisted Tales invites your students to explore characterization and the effect of the narrator and perspective on a story. Let your students put a twist on the classic narrative of good vs evil, to show us the other side of the story.

They could choose to write their 100-word story about a classic villainous character, or think outside the box and consider the baddies in the world around them; from natural disasters and the animal kingdom to hackers and corruption, there’s no limit to what they could write about, so even the most reluctant writers will be inspired!

Download load a HUGE amount of free resources which will support your students' creative writing, help engage them and motivate them to write their twisted tale.

Remember, if your school is paperless or you're trying to be more green you can email entries, upload them here on our website or log in to your school's account to access the Online Writing Portal where your students type their work in your lesson. (Email us if you need a reminder of your login details!)

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