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Through Their Eyes 2022

Middle & High Years

They can write from anyone or anything's point of view...

Through Their Eyes is here to inspire your students to get writing a poem from someone or something’s point of view.

Engage your students by downloading the inspirational postcards, each one is themed with ideas on one side & a quote on the other.

The postcards have been designed to create a buzz in your classroom, this could be through debate, discussing the suggestions & your students' ideas. From world leaders and influencers to being a teen and the animal kingdom, there’s something to engage every student. Your students can interpret the themes and ideas as they wish.

Remember, if you'd like to go paperless, visit Online Writing Portal where your students type their work during a lesson or for homework. Please visit the link above for further info & contact us if you need an account creating for your school.

The presentation that complements the lesson plan is also available as a Google Slide presentation here.

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