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The Power of Poetry

Middle & High Years

Use the power of poetry to inspire and engage your class.

What do your students care about? What makes them happy or frustrates them? What would they change? The Power of Poetry gives your students the opportunity to express themselves through verse. Poetry can be a safe space for difficult truths, exploring ideas or simply having fun. 

Use the FREE resources to help your students explore poetry techniques, word banks, poetic styles, and even spoken word. There's a lesson plan and accompanying PowerPoint, also available in Google Slides. Your students will learn the impact of words and this will help them write a powerful poem to share with the world on any theme/subject.

Download the graphic organizer to help your students plan their poems, and inspire them with The Power of Poetry today. It's their world, their words.

We are ready to listen.

Closing Date: March 29, 2024

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