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SOS Sagas: Missing

Middle & High Years

Get your students excited to write with this thrilling mini saga contest!

Where do lost things go? How can someone vanish without a trace? Will your students hide, or will they be the seekers?

These are just some of the questions your students will consider as they write enthralling tales using tension, suspense, and atmosphere for SOS: Missing. The story starters will kick-start ideas and get their imaginations firing!

If you’d like further graphic organizers they can be downloaded along with a host of other free resources including examples, a lesson plan & PowerPoint (or use the Google Slides version), all designed to turn your students into enthusiastic, engaged writers!

Why Take Part?
💥 Engaging way to teach constrained writing
💥 Lesson plan, story starters and graphic organizers for a ready-made lesson
💥 Exciting theme open to interpretation to inspire your students (ideal for 10-18 year-olds)
💥 Your students could be published in a real book
💥 Opportunity for both students and schools to win prizes
💥 Complimentary copy of the book your students feature in (the more students you enter the more free books you'll receive!)
💥 Free to enter
💥 Incredible way to showcase your school's writing talent

Will your students find the key to writing a thrilling tale? We look forward to reading their work!

Entries need to reach us by December 22, 2023.

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