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Middle & High Years

... inspire stories using numbers to engage your students today!

Numbers are everywhere, from our cells and watches to calendars, prices, temperature...

The exciting resources include visual & story prompts to help your students get writing & the 100-word limit removes the fear of getting something wrong and helps reluctant writers get started as less daunting than extended writing.

The online resources offer a lesson plan, tips & techniques for story writing so you can create an immersive unit or use it as a stand-alone lesson. The student info guide, video, and worksheet also make this a great independent learning activity. There's a PowerPoint presentation or use the Google Slide version instead!

There’s a fun video that introduces your students to the activity in just 1 minute! It’s guaranteed to create excitement, banish boredom, and lets you enjoy seeing your whole class engaged!

This exciting contest is ideal for students aged 10-18, but any student aged 5-18 is welcome to enter.

Remember to check the How to Enter tab for ways to send your entries, including paperless green options. It's free to enter so get involved today!

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