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Middle & High Years

Inspire your students to be confident poets today!

Young Writers invites students aged 10 to 18 years old to write a poem for Empowered the amazing new poetry contest designed to help students find their voice and express themselves.

Being able to voice a concern, an opinion, or a point of view is so important, especially when interacting with peers has been restricted or even removed due to the pandemic, reducing your students' opportunities to discuss what matters to them.

There are lots of free resources for you to download, designed to engage and inspire your students. This includes a video, 2 lesson plans as well as example poems, poetry prompt ideas, and a graphic organizer to help support your young writers to plan and write their poems in any poetic style they choose.

If you haven't tried the Online Writing Portal yet (where your students type their work during a lesson or as homework) check it out today via your school's online account.

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