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Poetry Towers

Elementary Years

...where imagination & creativity are unleashed!

Poetry Towers is a school like no other! Through these gates your students will be inspired to get writing poetry, explore poetic techniques and enjoy writing a poem on any theme.

There's a poetic techniques lesson plan with accompanying PowerPoint or Google Slides, a video to introduce your students to the activity, examples, a graphic organizer/entry form and more!

You're welcome to use any of the resources, why not tie them in with your current poetry or class topic? It's a fantastic way to engage your students with poetry, spark imaginations and let creativity flow.

Poetry Towers is here to help create confident writers and give them a purpose for writing by having the opportunity to be published in a real book (they could win a prize too!).

Once poems are ready to enter Poetry Towers, post them to us OR send by email to [email protected] OR upload OR use the Online Writing Portal where your students type their poems in a lesson or for homework. (If you have an owl or transportation spell to assist with delivery, we'll accept your entries this way too...)

So don't delay, download the graphic organizer today & enjoy seeing the excitement and enthusiasm on your students' faces as they write their poems.

Closing Date: March 29th 2024

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