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Peculiar Pets 2022

Elementary Years

Inspire your students to get writing poetry with this fun theme...

What would your students’ perfect peculiar pet be?

This is a fantastic activity to boost engagement in poetry as you encourage your students to create animal mash-ups, be inspired by their perfect pet or make their own awesome animal to write their poem about.

They can choose any poetic style or techniques to include. Peculiar Pets lends itself to sense, narrative or riddle poems, acrostics and rhymes as well as showcasing poetic techniques such as imagery and alliteration.

You can go paperless and upload your entries on our website or email them to us... or use the Online Writing Portal in our school's online account so your students can type their poems in your lesson! (If you need a reminder of your school's password please email us!)

The presentation that complements the lesson plan is also available as a Google Slide presentation here.

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