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Out Of This World 2021

Elementary Years

Let Out Of This World take their imaginations on an adventure!

Your students aged 7-11 are invited to write a poem inspired by anything or anyone! Out Of This World encourages your students to have fun with writing and expressing themselves!

Inspire and motivate your students to love writing, to be confident and passionate writers by unleashing their creativity and giving them a purpose to write.

From cute poems about best friends and pets to those tackling more serious subjects such as bullying or the environment, Out Of This World offers your students the chance to have their voices heard.

It’s time to launch your lesson and create a class of poetry stars with Out Of This World!

If your students need some help, here are some ideas:

Poem Theme Ideas

  • Family & Friends
  • Animals
  • Likes or Dislikes
  • When I Grow Up
  • Their Idol or Hero
  • The Seasons
  • Be Inspired By a Book or Character
  • Superheroes
  • Dreams & Nightmares

Poem Type Ideas

  • A Riddle
  • An Acrostic
  • A Sense Poem
  • A Color Poem
  • Haikus

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