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The Incredible Diary Of...

Elementary Years

Who or what will inspire your students' diary entries?

The Incredible Diary of is ready to get your class motivated & inspired to write! The theme is open making it easy to adapt this to a creative challenge or easily tailor the resources to your students' current learning.

Your students can practise their personal narrative skills or get creative and write an imaginary diary entry in just 100 words! From their idols or favorite day to a person from history or an object’s point of view, there are so many ideas to inspire original writing from a real or imaginary event.

The colorful graphic organizers make it simple to plan and write a mini saga, including a space for notes & top tips on what makes a great diary entry. The 100-word count removes the fear of writing, making sure even the most reluctant writers can get involved to receive their bookmark.

There are lots of resources to help your students get writing including examples, a lesson plan & PowerPoint (or use the Google Slides version instead!). We look forward to reading your students' work!

Ideal for 6-13 year-olds.

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