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The Big Green Poetry Machine

All Ages Years

& helping kids grow into confident writers!

Your students can become eco poets and help to share views about nature and the environment with The Big Green Poetry Machine!

It’s a fantastic opportunity for your students to share their thoughts on the world around them & for you to introduce this subject with ready-made resources.

The online resources offer 4 x idea generation activities, a word bank and lesson plan. The student info guide, video, and graphic organizer also make this a great independent learning activity. There's a PowerPoint presentation or use the Google Slide version instead!

Poems can be in any style and link to the environment in many cross-curricular ways, from litter, pollution and wildlife, to sustainability, conservation or exploring nature & local landscapes.

Get your whole school engaged with caring for the environment and creating a better world for their future by writing a poem and giving their young voices a chance to be heard.

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